This is your chance to BUILD that Swimming Pool you have Wanted ALL along!
These Prices ARE for Nairobi ONLY on Red Soil Sites. Get in Touch for Prices in Other Places!

8m x 4m Pool:         Price WAS Kshs. 1,708,000      APRIL 2014 OFFER is                     Kshs. 1,450,000/-
10m x 5m Pool:       Price WAS Kshs. 2,184,000      APRIL 2014 OFFER is                     Kshs. 1,855,000/-

12m x 6m Pool:      Price WAS Kshs. 2,716,000        APRIL 2014 OFFER is                      Kshs. 2,305,000/-

25m x 13m (Masonry)   Price WAS Kshs. 10,381,000            APRIL 2014 OFFER is   Kshs. 8,200,000/-
25m x 13m (RC)   Price WAS Kshs. 13,495,300                     APRIL 2014 OFFER is    Kshs. 10,660,000/-

Have You seen our MOST experienced and Serious Competition They are good at what they Do and we respect them BUT looking at our work and You agree that WE ARE GOOD at WHAT we Do, Build Swimming Pools And Are EQUALLY Good If NOT Better!

Give us this Special Chance to Build Your Swimming Pool this year!

The above prices are for Red Soil Sites in Nairobi BUT CAN  be considered for other areas that are easy to get in and out of! They Include the Complete Swimming Pool as follows:

Pool Shell

Reinforced concrete floor with composite masonry and reinforced Concrete walls. Walls reinforced and supported with reinforced concrete columns spread evenly round the pool with a ring beam on top. Inside walls and floor finished with Local Ceramic tiles.

Filtration and Circulation Equipment

Filter: A DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF Supplied pressure sand filter completewith internal Distribution system, pressure gauge and multi-port control valve.

Pump:A DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF Supplied centrifugal pump close coupled to a kW single phase electric motor.

Circulating Mains: uPVC Class D circulation piping for a maximum Distance of 10m from the inside of the pool to the pump site.

We shall provide at NO EXTRA COST 5kgs of PH Minus, 5kgs Chlorine 65% and CLEAR BLUE/Sparkle for the Initial start of the Swimming Pool. These chemicals should last you just about a month.

We shall AT NO EXTRA COST provide training for you staff on Pool Management for a period of 14days after official hand over.



        The pool is guaranteed against water leakage for a period of three Years from date of handing over excepting damage by earth tremors and/or ground faults.

Filter Equipment

The filter, pump, piping and accessories are guaranteed against failure during normal use for a one year period,   though due to the fact that electrical faults can be caused by many factors beyond our control, the warranty cannot be extended to the pump motors.

The other defects liability period is Six (6) months after handing over.

Get In Touch for a Full And Comprehensive Swimming Pool Quotation that WILL MEET all Your Needs In a Swimming Pool. Our Guarantee is that, even with the Lower Prices, You will get the Same service and Quality of work as witnessed at and

We WILL Provide You with an extensive LIST of references that you can talk to and even visit. Our List of HAPPY CUSTOMERS is up to 182 .... we expect a sample will suffice!!! Our Quality of Work and Product will provide the ULTIMATE LUXURY for you and the ones that you love NO MATTER what age!

There are Various Options available for you...

       Deck level Circulation ArrangemenT

Deck level overflow arrangement including a peripheral 250mm wide channel covered with moulded plastic grilles 250mm wide draining to an adjacent balance tank. This arrangement replaces skimmers and handrails of the standard arrangement and the pool height is reduced by 150mm to give the same water depth.


   Infinity Overflow Circulation Arrangement

 Infinity overflow Arrangement including a peripheral channel 60mm below the Pool Deck on one side draining to an adjacent balance tank. The rest of the pool Height will remain 150mm above the infinity level.

 Underwater lights 

Under water lights complete with forming shell, junction boxes and transformer.

*      Ozonator:

Ozonate Ozonator is the Most Unique Swimming Pool Purification System Allowing you to Enjoy a hassle free sparkling crystal clear pool all year round even when it rains. Dramatically reduce your chemical costs by an amazing 90% and over. Enjoy the benefits of sparkling clear water even when it rains. The only system on the market that reduces your pump run time to only +-3- 6hrs a day Save up to 70% on electricity that your pump normally uses. The only system on the market which is PH and Alkalinity balanced which unlike any other system means that you never have to check your PH once installed. No more allergies, sore red eyes, dry skin and hair. Your eyes will never burn like they do using any other system. The OzonateĀ® system is the only pool sanitation system which is ECO friendly, does not produce any harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment.

Surround: 1.2m wide reinforced concrete surround (including the Pool Collar) finished with Eurocon Designer Tiles (in lieu of Mazeras Stone)

WHAT will we need from you Apart from payment and the site?

Water for construction and filling of the pool.

Reasonable access to the pool site for the unloading of building materials.

Electricity up-to the plant-room.

A Secure Storage facility.

Working Space around the Pool of at least 3m all round.

Construction Approval from the Local Authority and NEMA

and of course Reasonable Co-operation towards the successful completion of the project.

We thank you for considering us for the construction of your pool.  When considering our Swimming Pool quote, please consider that:


  • yours will be our 183rd major pool job i.e. new pool or
    full rehabilitation.
  • our pool experience spans 17 years.
  • you can visit our website and see pictures of some of our works.

 We look forward to starting work on site as soon as possible.

We AT ALL times give our best Effort in Serving our clients - This will BE THE SAME for YOU too!

Please get in touch



0722 350 802

0733 726 189

Let's get your Pool done soon!


These prices are applicable in April 2014 ONLY and are valid EVEN IF YOU ALREADY have a previous quotation from us! We will update it!

Talk to us today!

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