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Ref: KSS/mk/xxxx


Client Name                                                                              Date

Cell: xxxxxxx
Nairobi, KENYA


Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                    


Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,




Further to your request for a quotation for the proposed Swimming Pool at your

xxxxxxxxxxxxx in Runda, we take this early chance to submit our specification

and general terms and conditions as follows:


            POOL DETAILS


            Model               :           “FREE BOARD” 1500


            Size                 :           15m x 6.9m x 1.0m to 1.50m


            Capacity           :           120,000 litres (approx)


            Shape               :           As per Drawing Provided


2.         SPECIFICATIONS      


2.1                Pool Shell


Reinforced concrete floor with composite masonry and reinforced

Concrete walls. Walls reinforced and supported with reinforced

concrete columns spread evenly round the pool with a ring beam on top.

Inside walls and floor finished with White or Light Blue Ceramic tiles.


            2.2       Filtration and Circulation Equipment


                Filter: “DAYLIFF” DX 750 pressure sand filter or equivalent complete

With internal distribution system, pressure gauge and multi-port control



                        Pump: “Monarch” Powerflow ZX150 1.1kW centrifugal pump or equivalent close

coupled to a single phase electric motor.


                        Circulating Mains: uPVC Class D circulation piping for a maximum

Distance of 10m from the inside of the pool to the pump site.


                Surface Skimmers: Three surface skimmers built into the deep end    

                        and connected to the pump suction. Skimmers assist in keeping the

Water surface clear of floating debris.


                Vacuum Point: Suction type vacuum point built into the centre of the

Pool length.


                The equipment provided will give a pool water turnover of approximately

                        eight hours and, if operated according to our instructions, will keep the

water in excellent condition.


        2.3     Electrical Supply                  


                        Client to provide power up to the plant room with the relevant consumer



            2.4       Accessories


                         The following accessories are included:


        Access Steps: Built-in masonry with a Mazeras Stone finish on the

Step and white ceramic tiles on the riser for the shallow end.


                        Delivery Nozzles: 4 No. eyeball type in the shallow end.


                        Suction Grating: 300mm x 300mm fibreglass suction grating in the

Centre of the deep end.


Surround: 1m wide reinforced concrete surround finished with Eurocon Designer Concrete



                        Cleaning Kit: To include a floor brush, Leaf Rake and water test kit.


                        Vacuum Cleaner: "Swimline" Vacuum cleaner complete with 5.0m

                        Aluminium handle and 12m suction hose.


            2.5       Excavation:


                        We allow for excavation in soft pickable earth. Should we encounter

Hard rock, clay or black cotton soil, extra charges will be involved which

would be assessed on the basis of the extra work necessary. Any

compressor hire or additional charges for hard rock removal are for

clients account. We also include for spreading excavated soil within 3m

of the edge of the pool surround. Any Removal of soil from site will be

charged as extra at Kshs. 6,000/- per 7 ton load.


                        The client will meet the costs of a retaining wall if found necessary.


Price:     Kshs. xxxxxxxxxx


3.         OPTIONAL EXTRAS   


¨       Deck level Circulation Arrangement


                Deck level overflow arrangement including a peripheral 250mm wide

                        channel covered with moulded plastic grilles 250mm wide draining to an

                        adjacent balance tank. This arrangement replaces skimmers and

handrails of the standard arrangement and the pool height is reduced

by 150mm to give the same water depth........................       xxxxxxxxxx


¨       Underwater lights


                Three under water lights complete with forming shell, junction boxes and

                        transformer..............................................................................       KShs xxxxxxxxxx


¨       Access ladder


                One removable tubular 3 step stainless steel access ladder for the deep

                        end................................................................................................       KShs xxxxxxxxx


¨       Saltwater Chlorinator:


                        Chlorination unit model C330C to convert salt dissolved in the pool

water to free chlorine. This unit ensures that the pool water is

sanitised continuously and avoids the need for daily addition of chlorine

to the water (including fitting)..........................................      Kshs. xxxxxxxxxx


¨       Solar Heating:


Specialist to Supply:


¨       400 Micron Solar Pool Cover & Roller


Specialist to Supply:




                - Water for construction and filling of the pool.

                        - Reasonable access to the pool site for the unloading of building


                        - Electricity up-to the plant-room.

                        - Storage facility.




We can complete the pool in 10 weeks from the time excavation has

been completed and blinding concrete laid. We are ready to move to

site within a week of order.


6.         GUARANTEE


        6.1        Pool


                        The pool is guaranteed against water leakage for a period of three

Years from date of handing over excepting damage by earth tremors

and/or ground faults.


        6.2       Filter Equipment


                The filter, pump, piping and accessories are guaranteed against failure

                        during normal use for a one year period, though due to the fact that

electrical faults can be caused by many factors beyond our control, the

warranty cannot be extended to the pump motors.


            6.3       The other defects liability period is Six (6) months after handing over.





        40% deposit with order.

            20% on laying blinding concrete

            20% on completion of walls

            15% on tiling inside the pool, and

              5% on commissioning




        30 Days


Thank you for considering us for the construction of your pool. We look

forward to starting work on site as soon as possible.



Yours faithfully,




Mutinda Kisio

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