OUR POOL PRICES: Please Whatsup 0722 350 802 or Email

For Standard (Free Board) Pools. Please get in touch for prices on other sizes and Extra Options


8m x 4m Pool: 

10m x 5m Pool:

12m x 6m Pool:

14m x 7m Pool:

15m x 7.5m Pool:

16m x 8m Pool:

18m x 9m Pool:

20m x 10m Pool:

25m x 13m Pool:

Kshs.  2,100,000/-

Kshs.  2,650,000/-

Kshs.   3,350,000/-

Kshs.   4,500,000/-

Kshs.   5,400,000/-

Kshs.   6,050,000/-

Kshs.   6,400,000/-

Kshs.   6,800,000/-

Kshs.   10,500,000/-
Infinity Pool
Standard Pool

Deck Level Pool

Deck-Level Pool Above
Standard Pool 
Infinity Pool
Deck Level Pool

These Prices are for Red Soil Sites within Nairobi.

All other Areas will incur an out of town charge of at least 10%.

They are for standard pools with a depth of I .2m to I .65m. Other options
that you may want to consider include:

  • Pool depth - deep well option
  • Heating
  • Handrails - Stainless steel in lieu of GI
  • Pool Lights
  • Access Ladders
  • Salt Water Chlorinator
  • Deck Level Option
The only options that you must choose at the beginning of the construction are
the Deck Level Option, the depth and whether you need lights or not. Other options
can be chosen later. In all cases, it would be more cost effective to make as many choices as possible at the beginning of the project.

Please Call us on 0722 350 802 or Send us an email for a Site Visit.

ALL Site Visits are chargeable as follows:

ALL Nairobi upto 30km - Kshs. 10,000/-

Beyond 30km  - Kshs. 20,000/-

Beyond 300km - Full Flight and Accommodation + Kshs. 20,000/-

This is NOT refundable whether contract given or not

And is Payable in full in Advance by Mpesa

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